Calling All Trailblazers

August 31, 2020
min. read

One way to do that is through travel. The benefits of travel are many. It starts with planning a trip to escape the daily routine (or global pandemic).

Studies show that just the process of planning the trip can create the same amount of excitement as the trip itself.

Travel in 2020 and beyond will now focus more on remote locations rather than city centers, meaning you will be taking in the natural surroundings (further reducing that stress and anxiety along the way). As exploration sets in, there is a sudden feeling of being revived, our minds and maps expanding.

Rejuvenation? Check!

Luckily the United States is a top global destination because of its expansive locations to get out there, which doctors are starting to prescribe. Over the last few months, many hotels and resorts have instated new protocols making travel safe again.

One of best investments you can make in stress-free travel is utilizing a travel advisor with inside access to properties and partners.

From making suggestions that are vetted for service, safety, and style to arranging air and transportation, all you have to do is arrive. If you're considering an escape, the bottom of this email lists of our travel advisor’s favorite destinations for those departing from the Louisville area.

For those of you who live in other parts of the country, you’re in luck! Our personal and recommended travel advisor Erin Trager-Kusman with Smartflyer is our go-to when it comes to dreaming up family spring breaks, anniversary trips, and last-minute getaways anywhere in the country… and beyond.

Erin takes care of anything from your imagination to detailed reservations, dinner plans or flight arrangement. We highly recommend her for any of your travel needs. If you feel like you could benefit (and you likely will), feel free to reach out to her directly at

While we are limited physically for the now, we can be limitless with our imagination and our future plans. So be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and do not let this time prevent you from living (or at least planning) the life you desire. We hope you enjoy.

Within Driving Distance

Blackberry Farm
4.5 to pastoral bliss and exquisite dining in Walland, TN

Blackberry Mountain
More active little sister to the Farm just around the bend, same personalized service

Old Edwards Inn & Spa
6 hours to true hospitality in quaint Highlands, North Carolina

6.5 hours, an active resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Montage Palmetto Bluff
9.5 hours to true southern hospitality in South Carolina, complete with rocking chairs on your own cottage porch

Within Direct Flight Distance

2 hour flight to NY and a 2 hour drive, a boutique retreat on the outskirts of Montauk

Four Seasons Surfside
2.5 hour flight to Miami, for our favorite rooms and dining in South Florida

Inn at Perry Cabin
2.5 hour flight to DC for east coast charm (and sailing!)

Hotel Jerome
3 hour flight to Denver, with a drive to this spot full of character in Aspen

Mii Amo
Less than a 4 hour flight or a 2 hour drive, you can be in the desert at an all-inclusive resort spa, soaking in rejuvenation and wellness.