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Ava Nivens

Financial Advisor, Chief Investment Officer

As a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional, Ava brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to the core of our existence: financial life planning. Ava is a Murray State University graduate with a degree in Finance. She uses her passion for helping people and attention to detail to help our clients make better financial decisions and live happy, fulfilled lives free from worry about money. Having previously served as a portfolio management associate and barista at Starbucks, Ava brings with her vast investment knowledge and excellent people skills...and she massively upgrades our premium coffee, Frappuccino and Cappuccino game, which allows us to further enhance our mission of providing you the ultimate client experience. Her deep-seated need to create a plan for everything allows her to help you set meaningful and measurable goals, prioritize what’s most important, eliminate nonessentials and evaluate real trade-offs. A Louisville native, Ava enjoys University of Louisville football tailgates and games, concerts, kayaking, karaoke nights and keeping up with the latest reality TV shows. She likes her coffee with coffee and bourbon with bourbon.